Robert & Joshua Travel Themed Unique Wedding Ring Box

We’ve already worked in this industry for a long time and me with my partner still amazed with every couple that we’ve met. Are you wondering why? Why? Because, their personality could be very different like north pole and south pole of the magnet. For example, one of them could be elegant and sort of quiet type and the other one could be a cheerful and extrovert type, or sometimes we could meet the same exact character in the same time.

So believe me! Working in this industry has always been fun and will always amazed by every couple characteristic and personality.

So, we’d love to blend our spacious raw ideas with their story and special inquiry for the details then transform it into something real and vivid like the wedding ring box.

So here you go, a story that also inspiring us to travel often #LOL

This couple, Robert and his fiancee contacted us far away from US to Indonesia through website. They’re not out first client from overseas but they are definitely the furthest one based on the geography map :D.

We are so thrilled, surprised, and excited in the same time.

First we asked about their story and they told us about their holiday highlight to Vegas which is an adult playground full of gambling, drinking, and fun. They both enjoy the indulgences that the city has to offer. It’s also a place where you don’t necessarily have to be themselves. As for Sydney, it was their first international destination together. Can you imagine how pumped and butterflies in their stomach were? They must be excited and nervous in the same time, wasn’t it? But they made it through and did a lot of outdoor activities , collect moments, and made their bonding became stronger.

In every destination they’ve made they conclude it’s not just about the destination, but also how you get there, enjoy every single moment, and savor it!

To be honest, we quite often make a wedding ring box with travel theme, but the most exciting part is they’re never same.

Cheers for the traveling blood!








  1. 1.harga nya brp?
    2.lama proses dr order smpai barang sya trima brp lama?saya butuh ring boxnya untuk tanggal 4oct15.mohon infonya.trmksh.

  2. Hi,

    I am interested in your personalized travel theme wedding ring box. Would like to know how much is the charges if I would like to purchase?

  3. Hi can you please tell me how much one of these boxes are.we’re getting married in September this year. And are in England.kind regards
    Carolyn moore

  4. Hello,
    I am very interested in this wedding boxe because my marriage is on the theme of travel. How much does it cost?
    Thank you

  5. Hello,

    How much would it cost to have this kind of travel themed wedding box? How long to have it shipped to Belgium? Both me and my fiancée are travel fans and we are getting married the 23rd of december.

    Best regards,


  6. Hi there :)
    I’m getting married very soon, could you please tell me if this wedding ring box is for sale and how much? It’s beautiful and related to my wedding theme :)

    Many thanks

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