Ylisse Headpiece

With its glamorous looks as a statement headpiece, Ylisse is also a romantic piece with a touch of flowers. These flowers centered with Czech crystal and beautifully surrounded by hand pressed silk leaves and sprays of preciosa’s Maxima crystal, the perfect crystal with maximal light distribution for more glamorous looks. You can request this piece …


Felia Headpiece

Felia is representative of a romantic mood. This piece features floral lace details, centered with a mix of Preciosa and Czech crystal. Consist of 2 main piece and 2 other inserts for more styling possibility. Materials : – Fine Quality Lace. – Preciosa Crystal, Czech Crystal Mix. – Silver or black colored haircomb.  

Elmyra Headpiece

A series of hand pressed silk flowers and leaves, detailed with Preciosa crystal & swarovski pearl. Consist of 3 main accent piece, and 5 additional inserts to enhance details and styling possibility. This separated piece and its flexibility can attain the best combination for your preferred hair style, you can arrange it as you prefer. …


Raina Pearl Headpiece

Almost everyone loves pearls. Pearl is a symbol of classic beauty, a timeless one. Raina Headpiece is hand beaded headpiece using pearls as the top accents, preferably with some sprays of crystal. This headpiece has some alternative material to choose, listed below. Materials: – Pearl (Genuine Swarovski Pearl or Standard faux pearl). – Mix of …


Louise Lace Headpiece

The beauty of French lace is absolute. Their intricate details always create a sparks in our heart. Louise headpiece base made from French lace. We combined the lace with silk flower for the main accent followed with sprays of Swarovski Pearl & small petals of silk flowers as the details. Materials: – French Lace. – …


Heidi Hair Vine

One of our favorite piece.. We always love to combine pearls and fabric flowers. Each of them symbolized an eternal and timeless beauty. With random structure and long branches, Heidi hair vine got more natural mood. Heidi’s length is long enough to wrap around your tiara-line to the back of your up do. Heidi is …