Chloe Headpiece

Pair of silk flowers, each petals formed manually using the technique of French-style fabric flowers making. Features sprays of Genuine swarovski pearl, mix of Preciosa crystal and czech Crystal on the center. There is two branches of handwired preciosa’s maxima crystal & swarovski pearl on both side of the flowers. Flexible and bendable,you can arrange it as you prefer..

You can request this piece as a whole piece (as shown) with one broad haircomb, or two separated piece with two smaller haircomb (more flexible styling and more applicable).

Materials :

– Pure silk fabric, available in pale yellow or broken white.
– Genuine Swarovski Pearl, crystal white.
– Stainless steel wire (Default) or anti tarnish Silver/Gold Plated copper wire at your preference.
– Preciosa Crystal, Czech Crystal Mix.
– Silver or black colored hair comb.





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