Alice in Wonderland custom shoe clip

“happiness is handmade” one of thousands quotes that we love the most.

This story began when our closest friend, Yenna asked us to help complete her wedding day with pretty little detail things called shoes clip.

Yenna herself is a character who is bubbly, cheerful, and spread positive energy everywhere.  She took visual design major long time ago in her college , which explained a lot  why she was so into detail things. She wanted her shoe relevant with her wedding theme which is Alice in Wonderland. Wasn’t it so cute? It was! But, in the same point, it also challenged us.

Let me tell you, it was seriously a random favour to ask out of anything, because people frequently ask us making a wedding box or headpiece. But, this one is different! We are excited, because it was our very first time to make custom themed shoe clip. Hence, as everybody knows that  first try is always the hardest, but me and my partner have already decided to take an inner vow that we should do every single request with passion,  positive energy , and last but not least is from the bottom of our heart.

Some of you might say that is too much, but believe us, something that you make with your heart will always produce the best result. Thanks God, He never fails us, it showed in that shoe clip it self. We proud of that and so thankful when Yenna said satisfied with the product.



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