Misaki Flower Crown

Cherry Blossom is one of the most beautiful flowers, They inspired us to make this piece. The flower shape and arrangement resembles the cherry blossom’s petal and characteristic.The flowers made of silk fabric and wired with stainless steel wire. Their petal’s color is ivory combined with pale yellow colored fabric to create a gradual color …


Vili Ring Pillow

“I’ve been looking for you since I heard my first fairy tale.” Fairy tale romances always look so beautiful and fascinating, so does this couple’s story. The bride loves fairy tale, something sweet and romantic, thus we created design based on her preference. Romantic ring pillow is made of taffeta fabric, lace and a touch …


Elise Headpiece

An improvement of Ylisse headpiece with new flower made of silk. This type of flower have deeper dimension in each petal. This headpiece consist of of three pieces for the ease and more combination possibility of assembling.

Batik Theme Wedding Ring Box

These couple, Taufik and Arum ask us to create a ring box with batik pattern for their wedding. For the box’s front, their name written in old Javanese Script using calligraphy gold ink. This Pattern called Batik Parang, a continuous arrangement of “S” pattern that symbolize continuity. The basic shape of the letter S is …